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ERP implementation

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integrate internal and external management information across an entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management, etc. ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application. Their purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.
What does ERP do?
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems typically include the following characteristics:

  • An integrated system that operates in real time (or next to real time), without relying on periodic updates, a common database, which supports all applications.
  • A consistent look and feel throughout each module.
  • Installation of the system without elaborate application/data integration by the Information Technology (IT) department.
  •  Finance Accounting
    • General ledger,payables, cash management, fixed assets, receivables, budgeting,consolidation
  • Human resources
    • payroll, training, benefits, 401K, recruiting, diversity management
  • Manufacturing
    • Engineering, bill of materials, work orders, scheduling, capacity, workflow management, quality control, cost management, manufacturing process, manufacturing projects, manufacturing flow, activity based costing, product lifecycle management
  • Supply chain management
    • Order to cash, inventory, order entry, purchasing, product configurator, supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, inspection of goods, claim processing, commissions
  • Project management
    • Costing, billing, time and expense, performance units, activity management
  • Customer relationship management
    • Sales and marketing, commissions, service, customer contact, call center support
  • Data services 
    • Various "self–service" interfaces for customers, suppliers and/or employees
  • Access control
    • Management of user privileges for various processes.



M/s Trivia Softwares is proud to offer  Reflex-IRP is a classed, rich platform based innovative ERP Solution from India. Partnering with World’s most reliable technology “ORACLE” brand is the key for Reflex-IRP.s success in Indian market. Due to its parameterized nature within short period of time it can be implemented. Lower cost of ownership & full scale functionality make Reflex-IRP the best choice for its trusted client.
With minute level customization & add ons gives the extra flexibility to customer to make their own system. Minimum hardware requirements,
platform independent is one of the key parameter to choose Reflex-IRP.

Reflex-IRP Technical Specification

  1.  The most respected brand ORACLE

  2.  The worlds no 1 Database. ORACLE 10g /11G

  3.  Most secured /Reliable WEB Application ORACLE Web Server

  4.  Platform Independent , can be deployed on Windows, Linux, UNIX.

  5.  Minimum Hardware Requirement (Single server is sufficient for 10-15 users).

  6.  Single Software Vendor for Database , Application Server No Hybrid Technology, Superior performance.

  7.  Latest Technology enabled, SMS, Mails, and Alerts.


Reflex-IRP Technical Implementation

   1.  Browser based Application, no client installation requirements.

  2.  Access from anywhere. (Internet, Wireless broad band, Mobile).

  3.  Centralized solution, lowest hardware requirements.

  4.  Single Server (for user base < 15), for larger user group two servers are recommended (One for Database, one for Application).

  5.  Most stable environment, 99.999% uptime guaranteed.

  6.  Fastest performance through secured java gateway.

  7.  Lowest runtime cost.


Reflex-IRP Key features

   1.  Multi Company, Multi Plant capable. User Rights and tight integration.

   2.  Designed on practical approach, easy to understand and learn.

   3.  Tightly integrated, flexible, can be customized up to minute level.

   4.  Parameterization makes it very simple.

   5.  Your process adoption not vice versa.

   6.  Fastest performance (Less than 15 sec Transaction time, 1000 pages reports in less than 60 second).

   7.  Centralized implementation.

   8.  No limits on users, Customers, Clients, Plants, Companies, Employees, Products, Materials.

   9.  Define your own columns, define formulas for calculation.

   10.  Government Taxes – easy to define, easy to change.

   11.  User error tracking with remedy.



Once the “Reflex-IRP” is implemented and operative we could measure following business benefits.

Tangible Benefits:

  • Improves the productivity of process and personnel.
  • Lowering the cost of products and services purchased.
  • Reduction in paper & postage cost.
  • Reduction in inventory level.
  • Increase in Productivity & service Level.
  • Reduction in Rejection.
  • Lowering Payment processing & paper work.
  • Reduce stock obsolescence.
  • Increase in resource utilization.
  • Reduction in un-productive work.


Intangible Benefits:

  • Increase organizational transparency and responsibility.
  • Accurate & faster access to data for timely decision.
  • Can reach to more vendors for competitive rates.
  • Improved customer response.
  • More management control.
  • Standardized work practice will add respect in the eye of customer,
  • government bodies, bankers, employees & share holders.
  • Uniform reporting to global standard.

Result of tangible & intangible benefits put together Reflex-IRP investment
would be returned back in the period of 18-24 months time.


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