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School Management System

e-SMS is one of the best school/campus management system developed by NebulaInfotech Pvt. Ltd. It is a one stop solution for all school management related issues and helps you manage student databases, Online Fee payment, Track kids activities, performance , teacher activities and performance, school activities, staff management , staff salary payment and all other activities online.

e-SMS is the ideal solution for schools and universities that want an easy means to manage all campus records. If you are a school/campus administrator, contact us and we will set up a free account for your institution. It gives you complete control over how you want to manage your school's databases and provides many tools to organize its activities.

With e-SMS there is no need of any extra hardware or technical maintenance staff. All you need is a pc with internet connection. Even a mobile phone with GPRS will work. The Assent team is available 24/7 to help you whenever you encounter a problem or have a question about e-SMS.

With our dedicated SMS gateway, e-SMS can always communicate with you via SMS and email. You can configure e-SMS to stay connected and get notified with all the current & upcoming activities.

e-SMS in Schools

  Student’s Features

  • Easy communication with teachers even after school hours, frineds and other resources for guidance.
  • Check homework and other school activities on his personalized account
  • Rate teachers based on their teaching skills ( only access to management team)
  • Store all online study resource on online repositorys

Can able to access the study resources from anywhere & anytime

  Teacher’s Features

  • Easy interation with student,parents other staff and management team
  • Online acces to class room time table
  • Write Blogs for students to guide them in much better way
  • Online access on students progress report, school activities
  • Rate students based on their class activities, behaviour&performanc

Create notification for parents & alerts for Students

  Parents’s Features

  • Easy interation with class teacher, principal to understand kid’s class performance
  • Online acces to kids time table, school events &activitiy
  • Online access to kid’s progress reports &compair with top 10 class students
  • Participate in discussion board with other parents, class teacher & principal
  • Access to instant message & SMS from school alert system

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