5 points on Why to select a professional web development company V/s online ready to use website vendors

When you want to build a website, and are confused about whether to hire a professional web designer or go with a online site builder, like WIX or weebly.com, a professional web designer is the ideal choice.

Designing a website using an online site builder is a shortcut and a very bad idea, which can impact your business negatively. Your website is a digital store. Hence using an online website builder like WIX is asking the customer, not to take your business seriously.

Following are 5 reasons why you should not opt for a online website builder:

1) Flash

Majority of online website builders use Flash. Flash is not at all search engine friendly. The search engine sees WIX as just one page created with Flash and all other pages as imitations. Even Google struggles to read Flash based websites.

2) Reduced credibility

While considering an online site builder, you should also consider your target audience or the people who will visit your website in the future, because they will notice the poor design of the site instantly. Online website builder like WIX guarantees you great results, but end up giving you a poor user experience.

3) Spamming URL’s

Websites built with site builders often have strange URL’s. They are so outdated that it looks from the 1990’s. It is very much likely that it will reduce your credibility and keep visitors away from visiting your site.

4) Ads and Annoying Banners

If you choose to create a Wix or Weebly site, your site will be loaded with ads that say “I created my website with Wix.com. Click here to create yours!”

If you are planning to run a serious business, these ads all over your website, can ward off visitors and they will not take you seriously, nor they willl trust you. Priority of your business should be user experience. If the users are annoyed by your website, or confused, lost, you might have to rethink about the design of your website to improve experience.

5) High cost over time

When you hire a professional website designer, the cost is on the higher side initially. But this cost is only a onetime cost. For online website builders like WIX, you have to pay a monthly subscription for a lifetime.

These companies often offer plans, which start off as free, but when the discount or free period is over, the monthly subscription cost increases by a substantial margin, and you end up paying more for a very mediocre website.

Analyzing the above, we come to a conclusion, that it is best to customize your website by hiring a professional website designer rather than using the online website builder.

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