Career opportunities in BlockChain

What is Blockchain?

The system of recording information, which is theft free, difficult or almost impossible to hack or cheat, is called Blockchain Technology. It is also called the digital ledger of transactions. It cannot be duplicated or distributed in the entire network of computer systems on the Blockchain.

Career Opportunities

Blockchain, as a career opportunity, is the fastest-growing skill and the hottest in the job market. A significant career, as an opportunity for professionals, in the current market scenario, it was considered by a very few people, a decade ago.

Blockchain professionals are in high demand now. It’s application areas being hugely varied, there are a number of opportunities. But not everyone is cut out for these opportunities. You need to acquire special skills, that will differentiate you from others and will sustain you in the market. These skills will also force employers to entrust you with their investments.

Who is hiring?

There are four major players in the job market.

1) Industries – Banks, Firms, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Retailers and also Law offices, that want to keep themselves abreast with the latest technology trends.

2) Startups – These are newly formed businesses alongside the advent of Blockchain Technology

3) Technology firms – Technology firms that have to mandatorily keep themselves updated with the latest technology to survive and grow in the market. They are the most to lose if the Blockchain technology takes over the world.

4) Governments – Blockchain Technology advisers are in huge demand in Government entities. Several of them are getting themselves adapted to Blockchain technology, due to its many advantages.

Job positions in Blockchain

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Solution Architect

Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain UX Designer

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Blockchain Legal Consultant


When the advent of the Internet took place, it was intangible. Either you were restricted to receive or send mails, or correspond on forums or read and distribute articles. That was it.

This modern Blockchain technology deals with your assets, the most valuable and immediate item, that you can touch and which needs to be protected. It is tangible.

Blockchain is a network to network chain, where each person or entity who is involved can see, who you do business with. These assets are stored in an encoded form. This results in protection of your dealings, theft and also simplifies your dealings, fastens the process, reduces errors and saves you from any third party involvement.

Blockchain is a decentralised system. It will transform your life, the way you transact or manage assets, your usage of machines, your voting pattern, how you rent a car and also identify your presence. It will also transform banks and financial institutions, hospitals, companies and governments as well.


Applications of Blockchain that are transforming our society:

Asset Management: Trade Processing and Settlement

Insurance: Claims processing

Payments: Cross-Border Payments

Unconventional money lenders/ hard money lending

Your car/ smartphone

Blockchain Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Smart Appliances

Supply Chain Sensors

Blockchain Healthcare

Blockchain music

Blockchain Government

Public value/ community

Vested responsibility

Blockchain Identity


Birth, wedding, and death certificates

Personal Identification

The real estate processing platform


All in All, Blockchain Technology is here to stay and will play a pivotal role in simplifying the process of transacting and will transform society.

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