How do you look beyond just that dot com. ?

Letting others know about your business is one of the top priorities when you are just venturing out. Having a website which is exclusive to you and has a domain name which makes your business presence known to the world is what every owner dreams of. That is when you should be moving away from the regular dot com and find a TLD (top level domain) which would be unique.

A TLD is usually an extension to your website address which gives sit a proper meaning. For example, com in the dot com stands for commercial, net stands for network organization, so on and so forth. However, the list of TLD is exhaustive and you have the prerogative to pick out whatever you want from the list. The process for applying for a TLD is simple. Even though expensive, it is still a worthy investment which would further strengthen your SEO quotient and make your website as unique as you want it to be.

As per reports archived in 2015, the TLD count was close to 6.5 million in January. You need to buy and register your domain with the authoritarian body which controls the entire thing. It could be a local domain, it could be an international domain, and it all depends on how your business is looking at the target audience. Multiple technology companies work round the clock to ensure that you get your desired domain name if it is not taken already.

Even you have your own personal TLD, you need to key in those security measures, which is one of the mandatory criteria. Pick something legible such that the audience connects to it. It even looks prettier when you enable backlinks and embed it in the pages. You could choose a generic TLD or even got for a country-specific TLD which is opted by mostly all upcoming businesses.

The domain suffix gives away your hold on the portal. It is essential that it suits the content of the webpage. Experts recommend that you have a local domain, given that the search results are more optimized and quickly organized when users are trying to find you. Have something which doesn’t pose a lot of threat or competition because it makes filtering even tougher. Local links are treated as safer and more people tend to access them which also gives you the desired traffic.

So which would be your pick?


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