Importance of having SSL on your website

Importance of SSLIf you are an entrepreneur with a budding or established business, then you need to have a website is safe and secure for the potential customers. When a user browses your website, they must feel that the online platform does not cause any leak of their personal information. So, you need SSL on your website as it strengthens the protection on the online space. The SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers, which is the standard security protocol used in the online communication as it establishes encrypted links between the browser and the server. It is significant for protecting the website while it handles sensitive information of the customers like the credit cards. Therefore, it is essential for enhancing the privacy, data integrity, and security of the websites and the personal information of the users.

Necessity For SSL Encryption

You need SSL to keep the information sent across the internet safe from others. The encryption process ensures that the personal information is only understood by the intended recipient. As the information sent on the internet passes through different computers to reach the destination server, your site must have the security that restricts the external forces to see the sensitive information like username, password, credit card numbers, etc. By using SSL, the sensitive information becomes unreadable to the identity thieves and hackers. When your website has an SSL certificate installed on the server, then a green padlock icon is displayed on the left side of the website URL. The HTTPS appears green in color, so your users can stay longer on your website as they feel safe.

Benefits OF SSL

The SSL is important for your website as it offers the following benefits;

  • It stops the information theft that is prevalent in the digital space. The data encrypted into an unreadable format by adding random characters to the submitted information is accessed only with the encryption key. Therefore, without the key, the data is useless.
  • If you have an e-commerce website or accept online payments from your targeted customers, then SSL is necessary. At least 128-bit encryption is essential to ensure secure payment channels for your customers.
  • Google has made the SSL certificates mandatory for any website in the online space. It is to ensure that the users have a safe browsing in the current year. So, it has flagged any website with no SSL certificates and irrespective of the type of website, the rule is applicable to everyone in the digital space.

With no SSL certificate, your website will display a ‘not secure’ message, which will discourage your users to browse the site. To maintain the website on the competitive online market, you need to upgrade the security of your site for happy and safe browsing


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