Importance of Process automation in business post COVID19

Process automation is the road ahead for the Indian industry if it wants to prevent shutdowns.   Intelligent automation can improve productivity. Also,  automation may mean lesser number of manpower, with a new set of skilled people.

Process automation can help mitigate disruption, by enabling businesses to stay connected across teams and systems, will also maintain, customer support and offer stability in times of uncertainty.

Automation solutions can enable threshold-based alerts to ensure that stakeholders are informed when network resources are stretched. In such instances, BOT’s are triggered to act immediately. The BOT can perform necessary actions and balance the network load for seamless operations. This BOT can be further programmed to intelligently automate network configuration, network management, testing, deployment, and operations of physical and virtual devices within the network.

A lot of businesses are forced to delay the service requests needed for field visits, due to the unavailability of ground staff. As the current situation improves, there will be a surge of requests and a shortage of technicians/experts to address the pending services. In all probability, this surge might lead to chaotic customer experiences. Automating the field service application will help enterprises to prioritize the request to technicians and experts for timely and efficient delivery. An intelligent BOT powered with advanced decision-making capabilities and integrated with an analytics engine can increase the efficiency by fourfold.

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Industry-specific process automation

1) Bank uses process automation to validate Financial relief applications.

2) Automation reduces risk and effort in just-in-time inventory delivery for Automotive OEM

3) Medical devices can improve the speed of the supply chain and order management.

4) Pharmaceutical companies can speed up new drug application processes

5) Airlines can improve customer cancellation and refund causes.

6) Retail companies can use process automation to overcome HR operational challenges.

7) Telecom companies can improve contact centre customer experience.

8) Automation will also support the supply of key drugs and medical devices.

Why companies around the world, are turning to automation.

Due to a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world right now, companies are eyeing Automation, all around the globe.

We are seeing first hand, how, digital transformation can be used to not only improve business performance but to improve lives.

COVID 19 has pushed companies to innovate like never before. Leaders, who may have been slow to adopt automation techniques such as process automation, AI, machine learning have begun leveraging them as a way to cut costs during the economic turmoil. Automation will help to give faster service to customers and revamp their operations for distributed work.

Automation work done today will pave the way for a better future tomorrow. People empowered by automation will bring us out of this crisis.

The crisis isn’t just accelerating the transition to automation, but it will also boost Investments powering that change.

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