Machine learning Trends 2018

Machine Learning

Machine is the integral aspect of building computers that has improved performance. It is the growing technical field that relies on computer science and statistics combination along with the artificial intelligence. The data science involved in the process helps in the progress of automatic improvement. The machine learning has recorded progress with the development of new algorithms. The online data availability with low-computation has resulted machine learning explosion. The machine learning methods adopted in science, technology, and commerce fields has resulted in evidence based decision-making process. So, the sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, financial, educational, and marketing enjoy the positive effects. The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has increased over the years. Every business platform from small or large is pouring money into the AI and ML domains.

The trends to look out for in the future are;
Edge Computing
Edge computing offers compatible services that application can use, so it mimics the public cloud. The edge computing connects the developers with computing, storage, and networking services. The server less computing offers greater convenience to the developers as it can reduce the overhead efforts of code deployment. It reduces the lag caused due to complex analytics that can result in failure.

ML application for Improved IT operations
The massive data produced in the IT systems is made proactive with the machine learning. It can provide the following benefits;
The machine language algorithm can assist the IT operation team to detect the root cause of problems.
The IT disruptions are significantly mitigated using ML predictive analysis.
The enhanced IT system intrusion detection capability using the ML.

ML decision making Transparency
The machine learning algorithms can impact the media, healthcare, and engineering fields. The judgement by the ML algorithm will make the decision-making process more transparent. The models need to enhance the ease of comprehension for the human use. It is important to understand the decision-making logic to evaluate outcome dependability.

Data Science DevOps
The data scientists create machine learning models with simple mechanism to perform the round-trip between cloud-based environment and local environment. The data science will become mainstream in the coming years to make DevOps more significant. Many platforms like Azure ML Workbench and Amazon SageMaker focus on the aspect of data science.
The research pace of machine learning is commendable as it has rendered major transformations over the years. The development in ML has transformed several business and commercial applications. As it will make more progress in the coming years, every IT establishment needs to stay abreast of the trends to take timely action.

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