What is Retail Point of Sales (POS)?

The Point of Sale (POS) refers to the area of a store where customers can pay for their purchases. The term is normally used to describe systems that record financial transactions. This could be an electric cash register or an integrated computer system which records the data that comprises a… Read more

How will Artificial Intelligence help transform business?

We live in an age of disruption. Industries are in a phase of transformation. Small companies are able to capture market share and also establish their brand. The businesses which have the right strategies and unique and innovative product, obviously enjoy more revenue share. Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword today…. Read more

What is Bluetie? How does it help business?

Networking with a purpose, that is what blutie stands for. It is a new-age professional networking platform, that aids in networking with other professionals to increase business. It helps you overcome professional challenges. With rapid advancements in technology, it is very important to stay updated or you will end up… Read more

What is HTTPS and How does it ensure safe online experience

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an online communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of knowledge between the user’s computer and therefore the site. Users expect a secure and personal online experience when employing a website. Trivia Softwares, encourage you to adopt HTTPS so as to guard your… Read more