What is Phishing and impact?

You might have heard about the term “Phishing” but what it is exactly and how it can impact email users, business and employees. This is quite important to know all about it. Despite launching of so many tools that prevent it but still this creates trouble for businesses. This is considered as cybercrime and someone targets you by contacting you via mail, text message or phone and lure you to offer your sensitive data like credit card details, banking details, personally identifiable information, passwords and much more. Sometimes you may become a victim so better be aware of such phishing emails.

You should be well aware of the common features of such emails. They are sent by the unusual sender and mainly consists of a lucrative statement or offers like offer to win a lottery, iPhone and so on. It comes with attachments and hyperlinks so you can get an idea of phishing mail. But what you need to do to prevent such phishing attacks. Let’s talk about some ways and techniques to deal with such emails.

These are the spam emails so you need to use spam filters to deal with them. Sometimes spam filter blocks such emails that come from any suspicious source. When you get an email from such suspicious site try to contact it via sending new mail rather than replying it. You should also avoid posting sensitive date like phone number, address, vacation plans, and contact details publically on social media channels.  You better check the URL spelling in email links without filling out any sensitive information.

Two-factor authentications are also very important and it helps to counter phishing attacks by adding an extra security layer while logging into the sensitive application. You have to be aware of the ways you get scammed by someone.

Some other common phishing attacks include:

Deceptive phishing:  any attack by any legitimate company to steal confidential data or login credential.

Spear phishing: scammers send customized emails with target company name, employee, designation and other information to let the receiver believe on the sender. This luring email is to compel the receiver to click on the malicious URL and fill the personal details.

Some other attacks include Google docs phishing, dropbox phishing, pharming, CEO fraud and much more. You should know all about these attacks.

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