What is Bluetie? How does it help business?

Networking with a purpose, that is what blutie stands for. It is a new-age professional networking platform, that aids in networking with other professionals to increase business. It helps you overcome professional challenges.

With rapid advancements in technology, it is very important to stay updated or you will end up losing the race. Leveraging the power of the internet is the key to professional success.

Focus – Objective-based Networking

Online and offline networking is essential for the growth of the business. But just increasing your number of connections won’t help. Networking is more important than network building.

Networking with an objective is what you should focus on, rather than just increasing numbers. Blutie App helps in leveraging the power of networking beyond your connections, business cards and immediate social circles. It makes networking more effective and mutual

You need to define the ‘Networking Objectives’

  1. Exchange Ideas
  2. Strategic Partnerships
  3. Hire Talent
  4. Explore Job opportunities
  5. Discover Freelance opportunities
  6. Seek Funding
  7. Make an Investment
  8. Seek Mentorship
  9. Provide Mentorship

Blutie App useful in searching professionals or you getting searched, by the professionals, for the growth of the business. Blutie has an advanced search filter, which is equipped with smart filters, which narrows down your search, based on age, gender, business verticals etc.

Their Effortless Management System reaches out to professionals within a specific location or in an entire city. It also, depending on the interest, response and fulfilment, acknowledge, targeted audience and also acknowledges, who has reached out to you.

There are infinite potentials with Blutie. It helps in creating a lot of opportunities such as searching for Venture Capitalists or getting mentioned by Industry experts. People with similar smart startup ideas can also be located and funded. You can also discuss business networking and strategies with like-minded people from the Industry.

Thus Blutie is an application which proves an asset to your business, when it comes to networking, for expansion of the business.

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