Why is Social media Marketing Important?

December 31, 2021
By admin
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Social Media Presence is a must for any business these days. This is a fact.

Irrespective of you run, a small local shop or a MNC. Social media presence is mandatory for your marketing strategy.

It helps you to connect with your customers, increase awareness about your product and brand and also helps in increasing leads and sales. Now and in the future, the increasing number of people on social media goes to show that user engagement on social media is bound to increase more.

If you are still not convinced, following are the six things you should try to realize the power of social media.

1) Get attention and build awareness

Are your target audience aware of your business?

Do people know that what kind of business you do?

If the answer is NO you should start or increase your presence on social media to create more visibility among the potential customers. It helps you reach a wider audience to create awareness of your business online. With no charges to create a business profile on all the major social networks, so you have nothing to lose.

2) Communicate Authority

Today customers are more savvy and wise, when it comes to choosing the right kind of business to support. They tend to do a quick research online, like going through your website and social media.

They will check if it is an empty storefront or has a rich source of information. Set up such a robust profile of your business, with frequent updations and relevant content. This will not only build your brand authority, but will also help in creating a first trust in your potential customers mind. This will make a positive first impression. It also shows that your business is trustworthy, knowledgable and approachable.

3) Show Authenticity

Customers need something creative and attractive. They are not interested in run of the mill social media presence.

Let your brands personality be vibrant and shine through in everything you share on social media.

What does your brand voice, sound like?

How does it represent who you are?

Brands always need to be polite and empathetic to their audiences. It should have a voice of its own and also should take a stand.

Your brands tone should be just perfect, whether it is casual or funny or formal and friendly. Allow yourself to be whom you are and who you think you should be. Audience want to see real people behind your social profile. Show them.

4) Encourage Engagement

You may think that how a simple social media post, as one promoting a pair of shoes, gets so many responses, comments or likes. People can even ask strangers in the feeds, if they have received their shoes, how long the shipping took place, if they liked them and many more questions.

The power of social media is that it opens instant interactions, relationship building and customer loyalty.

5) Grow affordable

Do not go overboard on sales techniques, when on social media. It is not the place to be over aggressive on sales. But remember, it is a marketing tool and you should not totally ignore the opportunity to make sales pitch, if there is. Sponsored info on timeline, videos with Class, cross channel retargetting and shoppable posts are the mainstay of social media.

Social media marketing can get you a lot of value for your dollar. Regardless of size or your marketing budget, social media has the potential to grow your audience and reach your objectives through ads on Facebook and Instagram.

6) Provide support.

Social media platforms have considerably closed the gap between the consumers and the businesses. As against the old way of communication with the company, like calling their customer care number, many people turn to Facebook Twitter etc, to solve problems or find information

Your brand should aim at becoming a responsive , caring brand by offering support through social channels.

Some useful add ons for benefitting from social media presence.

1) Track customer comments, questions, and complaints on social media.

2) Stretch your boundaries to be positive and helpful

3) Respond as quickly as possible to questions and concerns.

4) Take criticism in your stride to improve and make customer feel heard.

5) Know when to resolve public conversations in private messages.

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