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Refund Policy

M/s Trivia Softwares cost to the customer are the development or service charges. These charges will not be refunded by M/s Trivia Softwares under any circumstances.

Customers should not held liable M/s Trivia Softwares, Its management and employees for any non complaiance done from customers end. Customers are responsible for keeping their website data up-to-date.M/s Trivia Softwares management and its employees are also not liable to pay any money in return as refund for any delay or cancellation of projects. We as a policy of the company strictly dont entertain any refund request.

Domain names registered through our services can not be cancelled, however arrangements can be made to transfer the domain name to your new provider. Therefore, the registration service fees are non-refundable. Refund policy does not apply to services such such as : Domain Registration, Dedicated IP, Dedicated SSL Certificate, Dedicated Servers and Web Design services.

Web Services such as Website Builder,Business Email, Enterprise Email,Code Guard and SSL Certificates are pre paid services and any payment against them is non refundable under any circumstance. Any request for refunds against these services will not be entertained by M/s Trivia Softwares.

Web Hosting done by M/s Trivia Softwares is strictly based on agreement done by itself and its client on basis of renewals done by the client. Any website for which the client has not paid the renewal fees, its hosting will be terminated by the company after 30 days of backlog. No request of restoration will be entertained by the company.Any or whole loss of data by the client due to non payment of renewal fees will not be liability of the company and its management. The Client will not held responsible or accountable the company and its management for any compensation.

Website backups will be maintained by company only for the tenur of its engagement with the client (period of Annual mantainance contract), If the client do not pay the renewal fees the contract will automatically lapse. The company has no liability about maintaining the data beyond the lapse period and thus may archive or scrap the code as deemed required. The client will not held responsible the company or its management for non maintaince of data post the contract period.

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