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Website Maintenance is made easy with Trivia Softwares

We at Trivia Softwares set out to make website maintenance simple, We have built a team of experienced, creative, and speedy webmasters that can complete any task you request. Using 60 minute Sessions, one of our webmasters will dedicate their full attention towards completing your requests. Whether it's making tweaks to a page, uploading your latest video to YouTube, or even fixing that layout issue, you can be assured that our team has you covered.

  • No limits on the type of requests you can make! Updating, Graphics, Coding…
  • Requests are completed within 48hrs or it's free! Serious.
  • One reliable location for all your website needs.

How It Works

Submitting your request is simple!

1.) Session: Purchase Sessions or ask for an estimate

To fulfill your request our webmasters use 4 Hours/day Session dedicated to your needs. To submit a request you must first purchase a session. Sessions are only Rs 2500/- each for pay-as-you-go or our monthly plans receive a discounted rate of Rs. 1000/- per session. Unsure about how many sessions you will need? Not a problem! Contact us for a free estimate and one of our web savvy account executives will review your needs and provide you with a needed session estimate.

2.) Submit Your Requests

Submitting your requests is easy! Simply email us your changes. Once we receive your request we will confirm and add your request to the maintenance queue.

3.) We Go To Work

Once your request is in the maintenance queue we guarantee a 48 hour turnaround time!* You can relax while we have our webmasters working day and night to fulfill your requests. All data for changes should be provided to us to keep our own commitment.

4.) Review Changes & Confirm

Once completed, we will send you notification to review the changes. With your confirmation we mark the requests off as complete. It's like having an in-house webmaster without the cost or hassle.

Why Choose Trivia Softwares?
At Trivia Softwares, we look to provide our clients with the full package, eliminating middle men and the hassle of needing to deal with many different agencies every time you have a question or website change. Through providing website management, we allow our customers to grow their business and their online presence at the same time.

Website maintenance allows a business to constantly stay updated online, and free of technical issues, rather than treating a website only as an information portal. A website can be so much more, and with the right maintenance tools and team behind you; you can grow your exposure, lead generation, and brand awareness 24 hours a day - each and every day without growing stale, out of date, or losing your professional edge.

What we usually encounter is a company who paid a very large sum of money to have their website built anywhere from three to five years ago. Then as they grew, their expertise or offerings were restructured; or they simply didn't have the man power or resources to keep their website up to date and functioning like it should. It soon was forgotten about, and an in-house IT person just wasn't in the budget to ensure that the website's information was accurate, fully online, and free of hacking attempts. Website maintenance can be used in varying degrees, whether you're looking to target marketing efforts, online sales, or solidifying yourself as the authority in your industry; we do it all!

What's Not Included?

  • Graphic design beyond cropping, adding text, basic tweaking, or resizing images you provide and website code / programming beyond HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript are not included with basic website maintenance plans. If you are trying to change your websites overall look and feel (graphic design), a website re-design project would be ideal for you. If you are looking to add a shopping cart (programming) to your website, an ecommerce design package is a better fit. We do offer these services to our clients at a discounted hourly rate or by project proposal; contact our account executive for more information.
  • A custom maintenance plan can be designed to include these services as well as dedicated hosting, phone / email / support ticket answering for your website, video production, internet marketing suggestions, and much more.

Monthly Plans
It’s the ideal solution for keeping your website up-to-date, monitored, and secure.

Monthly Maintenance & Monitoring

Our monthly plans are designed to provide you with a hands free web experience. No more headaches or stress from worrying how you’re going to keep your website updated, monitored, secured and hosted. Monthly plans come with several benefits over pay-as-you-go.

Monthly Features

  • Discounted session rate of Rs.1000 (versus Rs. 2500)
  • 48 hour guarantee*
  • Dedicated account executive for the booked period
  • Daily security monitoring*
  • 20% off our hosting plans if purchased from us.
  • Website Stats: Traffic, onsite activity, and much more*
  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Backups*

For small businesses
  • 10 Sessions/month
  • 12 hr Turnaround time*
  • Traffic monitoring
for enterprises and high end portals
  • 16 Sessions/month
  • 8 hr Turnaround time*
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Priority Service

Why You Need Us?

  • Your web designer will not handle long term maintenance requests.
  • Website maintenance keeps your site secure, backed up, up-to-date, and monitored.
  • Having an up to date and modern website increases your business' authority.
  • Keeping your business maintained professionally is critical to your success.
  • Trivia Softwares is an web solutions company, not only do you receive best in class website maintenance, but you also have a team of passionate and experienced internet marketers under the same roof.

We can provide you with graphic design, web design & development, marketing solutions, hosting on our dedicated servers, but we also hope to maintain long-term relationships with our clients by offering website management. Website management offers you "the client" peace of mind when it comes to updating and managing your website. By offering web site management we add value to your business as well as your customers by providing them with up to date content that is user friendly on your website.

Website management covers anything from updating your content to replacing your products or services' photos or diagrams. Clients have praised us time and time again for taking out web management from their worries. In order to stand out and remain distinguished from the competition you need to continually rank better, and have a modern website that retains and converts your customers. We help you do that.

The Package That Encompasses Web Site Management

With Trivia Softwares, your experience will be different. Trivia Softwares offers the development or re-development of your website, hosting (bringing it online) on our servers, marketing your brand, graphic design and website management. It's no wonder that our full scope packages receive so much praise from our clients.

Across our encounters we have seen many companies from large scale to small mom and pop shops that have their website built through a fly-by-night company, then host it through a second company, and any time they need updates done to their site they are stuck searching for a consultant or web site management company. It doesn't stop there either, because then they must go through and recall all of the access information to hand over to each party along the way. This process is a complete hindrance and waste of time and resources. We'll do it all when it comes to managing your website, eliminating the middle men and hassles, while understanding your brand.

Website Management by Trivia Softwares remedies the hassle and the guesswork when it comes to solving your businesses needs; providing the professional image online that you project offline.

* conditions applied